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MPK: Harsh Action Awaits Those Responsible for Illegal Posters - The Sun Daily

KLANG: The Klang Municipal Council (MPK) has taken several proactive measures to curb the problem of unsightly illegal posters.

During the monthly MPK meeting, acting council president Ahmad Khairi Mohamad Yusof said besides taking action on those responsible, they will also go hard on those printing the posters.

“The posters are primarily put up by loan sharks. We will gather the contact numbers on them and submit the list to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM) for line disconnection,” he said.

Ahmad Khairi added that any printing shop caught by council officers producing illegal loan shark posters would have their trading licence cancelled.

“This is to show how serious the matter has become,” he said.

Similarly, MPK officials will sweep the city to determine if any legitimate businesses have violated municipal regulations on putting up posters.

“For example, a business applies for and receives a permit allowing them to put up a maximum of 10 posters, but ends up placing 20 or 30. They will then be issued a compound not exceeding RM1,000,” he said.

Separately, Ahmad Khairi also announced MPK would clamp down on eateries that set up chairs and tables along sidewalks without a permit.

“The first operation commenced on Sept 29 where we raided seven premises in Bukit Tinggi, four of which had set up their cooking appliances and utensils by the sidewalk,” he said, adding that several operations under the council’s jurisdiction were in the works.

He said that although cooking by the sidewalk was specifically prohibited, eateries could apply for a permit to set up tables and chairs provided they comply with certain requirements, such as only setting them up after 5pm.



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