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Council Gets Tough on Illegal Adverts - Selangor Times

PETALING JAYA: The city council’s enforcement officers are coming down hard on illegal outdoor advertising with RM83,000 in fines issued so far along with 10 cases pending in court.

Some 100,160 illegal advertisements, including banners, bunting, Ah Long stickers and small wooden signboards, have been seized, along with sex toys which were advertised for sale, since August.


Bunting Banner Billboard Printing Installation License Permit

Fauzi (left) and MBPJ councillor Tiew Wei Keng taking down an illegal banner


“We take this problem very seriously, especially those illegal signs advertising money lending services and sex toys, which are everywhere,” said Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) enforcement director Mohd Fauzi Maarop.

A maximum penalty of RM1,000 is imposed for every offence under the City Council’s Advertising By-Law 2007.

The sex toys were confiscated under the Licensing of Trades, Businesses and Industries By-Law 2007.

So far, 70 compounds have been issued to owners of illegal banners, eight to those caught sticking Ah Long stickers and 70 phone lines found on the stickers were disconnected by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

“So far only 10 people have paid up the compounds and we are still waiting for the other 60 offenders to pay. If they don’t, we will go down to their premises and tell them to pay up or be taken to court,” said Fauzi.

He added that MBPJ gives offenders only 14 days to pay, after which legal action will be taken if they still refuse to pay after 30 days.

“We are not only removing illegal advertisement like last time, we are also trying to track down the people responsible for putting up the banners and stickers.

“We are changing our modus operandi and hopefully this will be able to put a stop to all these illegal banners and stickers,” he said.

MBPJ also recently set up a team called “Ops Buru”, which is tasked with identifying individuals or companies responsible for putting up the illegal advertisements.

During the operations, MBPJ officers found that most advertisements were either displayed without a licence or put up using a fake permit.

 He urged the public to only apply for advertisement permits at the MBPJ headquarters and the licences will be issued immediately.



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