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Contractors to be Hired to Take Down Illegal Ads - The Star

UNLICENSED banners, bunting and Ah Long stickers around Petaling Jaya will be taken down and the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) is going all out to remove all of them.

“I will make sure that our appointed contractors work day and night to remove them until our city is rid of them,” said Petaling Jaya mayor Mohd Azizi Mohd Zain.

Currently, the council is still in the midst of appointing the contractors through an open tender process, which is expected to be completed after Hari Raya.

So far, 17 hotspots have been identified and at least one contractor will be assigned to each spot, with two or more in larger areas.

“Previously, we tried sending our own officers to patrol the areas for two hours every morning. But we realised that we did not have enough manpower and we could not remove the illegal advertisements fast enough,” he said.

He further explained that after the officers removed the stickers, bunting and banners during the day, new ones would be put up at night.

“However, if we appoint a contractor specifically to remove the illegal advertisements day and night, it might work because they will always be on the scene and not just two hours daily,” he said.

Soon, MBPJ will also be declaring some areas as a Banner, Bunting or Sticker Free Zone.

Once this is implemented in certain areas in Petaling Jaya, licences to put up banners and bunting will not be approved.

“This will not be tolerated and even if you apply, we will not approve your banner or bunting in those zones. It will also make it easier for our contractors as they do not have to check the legality of the banner or bunting before removing it,” he said.

Apart from removing the illegal advertisements, MBPJ will also be sending the details and contact numbers from the stickers and banners to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

“This is so they can check on the numbers and take action against those whose numbers are displayed,” he said.


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